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Salt Lake Mormon Temple
A Temple President is a high priest who supervises the work of a temple. He is generally an older man who has had much leadership experience in the Church. Many emeritus and former general authorities serve as temple presidents, particularly in their native areas or in areas where they have done church work. A temple president's duties include interviewing people who are about to receive their own endowments and marriage covenants, and interviewing prospective temple workers. The temple president also greets patrons at the baptistry and other places in the temple, answering questions patrons may have. He also goes to Stake Conferences and Ward meetings on Sundays when the schedule permits. There he encourages people to attend the temple in the temple district. He is assisted by two counselors. He and his counselors' wives serve as temple matrons.

Matron's Role

Since women receive many of the ordinances at the hands of women, a matron will accompany her husband throughout the district as he speaks at various meetings, and will interview female patrons and temple workers. She will also assist and help so that the work goes smoothly for the sisters in the temple.

Length of Service

In larger temples, temple presidents generally serve for three years and, at present, begin their term around the first of November (though in the past it was the first of September). In smaller temples however, they serve for an unspecified length of time, much like many other callings in the Church. This term of service is often 4 or 5 years.

Role of Counselors

In larger temples counselors assist the president, and assistant matrons assist the matron in their roles, such as interviewing patrons and workers when the president cannot be there. They also assist by attending ward and stake meetings, as well. Most of the counselors generally live around the area in the temple district and, like the President, have had many leadership experiences in the church.