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They Might Be Elders

Mormon They Might Be Elders

Photograph Taken by Courtney Rich
Dancers Pictured:
Austin Soderquist, Sara Hawkinson, Steve Nunez, Hannah Rugg, Garett Miller

The fresh new (LDS) Mormon Group that is sweeping all of Mormonism with its parody songs! Led by Steve Nunez, and his dancers!

If you don’t think this CD is clever, creative, and just hilarious, then you obviously don’t own a copy, so go buy one now!

This all started back in the 1990’s, first and foremost as a way for the Mormon Missionaries to listen to music that was popular while they were on missions. The original Elders who first heard it gave it such a rave review, Steve Nunez decided to write a bunch more, and eventually there were cassette tapes of terrible recordings of all the songs.

Eventually, better recordings came as did new missionaries, (since they leave every 2 years) they asked for newer music and newer recordings, and eventually, it became what it is today.
Now, Through StoneFive Studios, They Might Be Elders , "Quorum of the Rock" is being released, with never before heard songs such as "Hey BYU Girl" and "You Could Be A Mormon". This is going to be an album talked about for a long time!

What the public doesn’t know is that Steve Nunez has been donating a portion of every CD sold to the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to be used for Missionary Work.

They Might Be Elders have been performing across Utah since the CD has been released, and is touring this fall and winter across the nation at different Wards, Stakes, and Colleges. Look for them soon in your area!

Tracks for TMBE’s CD "Quorum of the Rock" include:

1. You Could Be A Mormon
Parody of Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend
2. If You Wannabe An Elder
Parody of Spice Girls - Wannabe
3. Hey BYU Girl
Parody of Plain White T’s - Hey There Delilah
4. The Story of Nephi
Parody of Nine Days - (Absolutely) Story of a Girl
5. Elder Man
Parody of Aqua - Barbie Girl
6. The Mormon Remedy
Parody of Jason Mraz - The Remedy
7. That’s What We’re Taught
Parody of Greenday - Basket Case
8. Enos Prayer
Parody of Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
9. Power of the Holy Ghost
Parody of Fall Out Boy - Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
10. The Best Gifts
Parody of Good Charlotte - Boys & Girls
11. On A Mission
Parody of Smash Mouth - All Star
12. Temples
Parody of Pink - Leave me Alone I’m lonely
13. What’s That Year Again
Parody of Blink 182 - What’s my Age Again


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