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Eventually someone will check in on this page just to see what I am about.

I am currently a law student at Gonzaga University, hopefully to graduate in 2010. I have no time to do anything, but when my brain gets tired of reading cases I have to do something else for a little bit. Studying the gospel is good, and I like putting stuff that I learn up on the web. If I seem a little intense in how I cite to my authorities, it is probably because I am being brainwashed in law school and it is too much work to try and figure out how to do it differently.

By the way, if any of you are lawyers in Utah, I would be interested to know (So I can get advice and hit you up for a job of course).

I have some questions, so if you are reading this maybe you can answer them:

  1. How many regular contributors are there in this project?
  2. Is there another dedicated LDS wiki out there that is more comprehensive than this one (be honest, I know of at least one other that has received more "hits")
  3. Is there any intent/goal for this wiki to become the most comprehensive wiki? I ask because one of the pages I read made it look like the intent is mostly to push the anti stuff off the search engine lists.
  4. where is the best forum for me to ask questions like these?

I have never contributed to a wiki, although I think that Wikipedia is phenominal. So far everything seems fairly intuitive, but if I am making mistakes let me know.

Anyway, thanks for having me.


Hi, Dumbcomputer. My name is Gale Boyd. I'm an assistant editor for More Good Foundation, which sponsors MormonWiki, and I oversee and make improvements to Wiki. If you want to check out More Good Foundation, go to Our goal is, indeed, to get more positive information about Mormonism and Mormons out on the web. We are highly desirous to expand MormonWiki, but we don't have many contributors, and are looking for volunteers. When you do have time, make all the contributions you can. Check out the articles-needed list at the upper left of the home page. If you want to see who's contributing and what they've contributed, log in and then click on "recent changes" in the same menu. I would be glad to answer any questions you might have about formatting an article. What I can't answer, our teckies can. Two very small suggestions -- when a scriptural reference comes at the end of a sentence, enclose it in parentheses, and then put the period after the reference. We're trying not to use abbreviations in our scriptural references for clarity, so use 1 Nephi 6:12, instead of 1 Ne. 6:12. We're trying to link scriptures that are not from the Bible to the actual text, which can be found at Let me know if you need help doing that. When you write something on a discussion page, end your writing by typing four tilde marks (~) and that will sign the post for you. It's nice to meet you, and we hope you'll be contributing to Wiki whenever you can. Gboyd 10:25, 18 March 2008 (MDT)