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Mormon Zoram
Zoram was a servant of Laban who led Nephi who was disguised as Laban, into Laban's treasury. Nephi, speaking "in the voice of Laban"[1] commanded Zoram to take the brass plates containing "a record of the Jews"[2] to his brethren. Zoram, "supposing that [he] spake of the brethren of the church"[3] took the plates and carried them to where Nephi's brothers were waiting. When he discovered the truth, Zoram was frightened but Nephi persuaded him to swear allegiance to them and left Jerusalem with Nephi and his brethren to come to the promised land.[4] Because of Zoram’s faithfulness, Lehi blessed him along with Lehi’s own sons.[5] His descendants were known as Zoramites.[6]

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