Coriantum, son of Emer

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Coriantum is a character in the Book of Mormon's Book of Ether. Like his father, he was a righteous ruler of the Jaredites. He was noted for being exceedingly righteous, even to the point that he was blessed to see the [[Son of Righteousness]. Coriantum had one challenge that is noted, however. He and his wife were unsuccessful in having children. At a 102 years of age, however, she passed away. Coriantum then married a 'young maid' whom he succeeded having children with. One of these was Com, whom he conferred the kingdom on. He passed away after living to 142 years of age.[1] He is also noted in the genealogy of Ether listed in the first chapter of the Book of Ether as being the father of Com, son of Coriantum and the son of Emer.[2]