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Ether is a major narrator of the Book of Ether located in the Book of Mormon. In the book, Ether details the history of his people, the Jaredites, from their departure after the tower of babel to their ultimate destruction, which he witnessed first hand. Ether spent the majority of his days calling to repentance and warning the people and specifically Coriantumr about the impending destructions that would soon befall the Jaredites. His efforts proved fruitless as he watched the destruction of his people from the captivity of a rock.


Ether is a descendant of Jared. He traces his roots directly from the Jaredite royalty and it is quite possible that he himself was an heir to the Jaredite throne. This opportunity was not afforded him, however, as his grandfather, Moron, was overthrown and sent to live in captivity. His own father, Coriantor spent the entirety of his life in captivity and it is therefore likely that Ether himself spent a fair amount of time in captivity. Not much is known about Ether's call to be a prophet, only that the spirit filled him to a point that he could not hold back from prophesying.

Prophet and Witness

As a prophet, Ether went largely unheard. The people at this point were wicked and lacked the faith necessary to understand what Ether was teaching. While Moroni notes several times how great Ether's prophecies were, the people didn't believe him, because they couldn't "see" what Ether was teaching them. Ether did more than just call the people to repentance. He revealed their history and also a great deal about the second coming of Christ. He spoke about a New Jerusalem and many more things for which Moroni was told by the lord not write. It is obvious, however, that Ether had a great deal revealed, for which he fruitlessly taught the people. In particular, he prophesied to Coriantumr, leader of the Jaredites, that if he did not repent, he would be the sole remaining Jaredite left alive. Coriantumr would hear none of it, nor would his people. Ultimately he was cast out of the land and forced the lived in the "captivity of a rock." He spent his first year there watching the intensity of the battles against Coriantumr grow. In the second year, he was commanded to return and prophecy to Coriantumr. He did so, prophesying that if Coriantumr would repent, he and his people would be preserved. Ethers prophesying again was fruitless and he was again forced to flee to the captivity of the rock for the safety of his life. His prophesying rejected, Ether was left to witness the death and destruction of his people. Over a period of at least eight years, Ether watched as his people continued a series of massive battles that ultimately left he and Cortiantumr the sole remaining Jaredites. Ether went forth and witnessed the destruction, having no one left to preach to. He ends his record by saying "Whether the Lord will that I be translated, or that I suffer the will of the Lord in the flesh, it mattereth not, if it so be that I am saved in the kingdom of God."


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The Book of Ether is principally written by Ether, though it is heavily annotated by Mormon. The book in general follows the history of the Jaredites, but more specfically it follows the history of Ethers ancestors, who ruled over the Jaredites for the majority of time. The only time the record strays from the overall history is to detail what has happened to Ether's direct ancestors. Often in these cases, the book does not name the current ruling king, but only the ancestor who was subject to the king at the time.


Ether began his record by listing his genealogy. Since the Book of Ether gives the details of his ancestors, this list serves as a table of contents of sorts for the Book of Ether. His ancestry, from his father backwards is as follows:
Ether - Coriantor - Moron - Ethem - Ahah - Seth - Shiblom - Com - Coriantum - Amnigaddah - Aaron - Heth - Hearthom - Lib - Kish - Corom - Levi - Kim - Morianton - Riplakish - Shez - Heth - Com - Coriantum - Emer - Omer - Shule - Kib - Orihah - Jared

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