Morianton father of Kim

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The Book of Mormon
Morianton is a character in the Book of Mormon's Book of Ether. He is known for being a king and a ruler over the Jaredites. The Jaredites at the time had overthrown and killed Riplakish on account of his exceedingly high taxes and forced labor. His descendants were forced to leave the land, leaving no biological heir to assume the throne. After many years, however, one of his descendants, Morianton, raised an army and took control of all of the Jaredites once again.

As a ruler, Morianton eased the burdens upon the Jaredites, thereby increasing his popularity and solidifying his position. Morianton was not righteous himself, however. He committed many whoredoms that cut him off from the presence of the Lord. His people though, prospered under his leadership until, eight years prior to his death, he conferred his kingdom upon his son, Kim.[1]

He is noted in the genealogy of Ether listed in the first chapter of the Book of Ether as being the father of Kim and a descendant of Riplakish.[2]