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Amram Musungu Mormon
Amram Musungu (born August 28, 1978) is an auditor in Utah (he holds dual citizenship in Utah and his native Kenya). He was a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir from 2003 to 2016[1] and a prominent Kenyan organizer of charitable efforts in Utah. He has been influential in bringing many people from Africa who live in Salt Lake City into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Musungu was a candidate in the 2017 Kenyan presidential election.[1]


Musungu was raised in Hamuyndi, Kenya, in the western part of the country. He moved to Nairobi at age 14 and shortly afterward met missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ. He was baptized into the Church on June 7, 1992. From about 1997 to 1999 Musungu served as a missionary in the Church's Kenya Nairobi Mission, serving much of that time in Tanzania.

After his mission, Musungu came to Utah, where he studied at LDS Business College, where he received a business degree, and Westminster College where he received a BS in accounting. He then pursued a Ph.D. at the University of Utah.

Musungu founded the Musungu HIV-AIDS Support Organization which seeks to help the widows and orphans made so by the ravishes of AIDS in Kenya.[2] He has been the coordinator of Swahili language translation for the Church general conferences since 1998. He has helped translate the Book of Mormon into Swahili.

Since coming to Salt Lake City, Musungu has been involved in teaching about 100 Africans about the Church. Between September 2006 and September 2007, 30 of the people Musungu introduced to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ were baptized. Michael Rice, the Genesis Group mission leader, states that Musungu helped bring 35 people into the church in the last six months of 2007.[3]

Most notable among the people Musungu baptized was Noelle Nkoy, a Utah-born child of a father who was raised in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. About two years after her baptism, Noelle married Musungu in the Salt Lake Temple on April 15, 2006. Since their marriage, the Musungus have worked together in sharing the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with many people.

Musungu taught Swahili at Brigham Young University and served as an advisor to the philanthropic group All One People. In 2006, Musungu received LDS Business College's alumni achievement award.[4]



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