Elwood Snow "Woody" Romney

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Elwood Snow “Woody” Romney was an American basketball player and coach. He played semi-professionally with the Denver Athletic Club for two seasons. He was also a college coach at Western State College for one season and then with the Colorado School of Mines from 1936 to 1939. At Mines, he also coached freshman football and raised the interest in student participation in intramural sports.

While in Colorado, he led the effort to reopen the community swimming pool, which he ran until October 1941. He helped found the Western League, a minor-league baseball circuit, and owned the Denver Bears franchise.

Romney was born on May 28, 1911, in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was an All-American at Brigham Young University and was inducted into the BYU Athletic Hall of Fame in 1979, the Utah Sports Hall of Fame in 1970, and the Helms foundation Hall of Fame in 1972.

Romney and his wife, Ruth Hafen, were the parents of three children. He was the son of Erastus Snow Romney and Roxie Maria Stowell. He is a first cousin of George W. Romney.

Romney died on August 24, 1970. He is not to be confused with his cousin Wilford Woodruff "Woody" Romney, who was also known for his athletic and coaching career.