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Jarom is a character from the Book of Mormon. The son of Enos, he is the primary author of the Book of Jarom. Jarom is most noted for keeping the Small Plates of Nephi between 399 B.C. and 361 B.C. In the Book of Jarom he gives a basic overview of the spiritual situation of the Nephites. At his time, they were keeping the law of moses and patiently waiting for the coming of Christ. They had been blessed because of this with prosperity and numerous individuals receiving revelation. This was contrasted to the Lamanites whom he described as murderous and who drank the blood of beasts. Still, the Lamanites were more numerous and the battles waged between the two groups continued throughout his life. Jarom then closes his record by saying that the many prophets helped to continually bring the Nephites to repentance. He conferred the record upon his son Omni. [1].

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