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Mormon Kyle Shobe

Kyle Shobe was named "World Livestock Auctioneer Champion" in 2010. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Kobe began to engage in the lightning-fast speech of an auctioneer at age 6. He learned by watching and questioning the professionals. In auctioneering, the bids are all important. Many of the words an auctioneer uses are fillers to keep the bids coming, to make people want to bid. The auction method hinges on excitement and momentum to drive up the bidding until it reaches fair market value.[1]

An auctioneer's style is influenced by the region he is from, and different areas of the U.S. have different influences. Shobe's style is influenced by his experience in music. He minored in music at the University of Wyoming, and is the lead vocalist and guitarist for Walk 'em Boys, a country band.

At the world competition, held in Oklahoma City, Shobe not only had to show off his auctioneering abilities, but impress the judges in a personal interview. Contestants had to answer three questions before a live audience. Shobe won $5,000, a pickup truck for the year, a golden gavel, a custom-built saddle and a custom-made ring and belt buckle. He is also the new spokesman for the industry, traveling to markets across the country selling and speaking.

Shobe was raised Lutheran, but met his future wife, Jodie, at University of Wyoming. She was not only a devout Mormon, her mother was a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Shobe began taking the missionary lessons just to see what the Church was all about. He was baptized in the spring of 2004 and married Jodie a few months later. They're raising their children in Montana.