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Lyndsey Ekstrom is the cofounder of Jamberry Nails, a do-it-yourself nail wrap company that she launched in 2010 with her sisters Keri Evans and Christy Hepworth. Lyndsey’s basement and garage were the home base during the company’s early days.

An idea came to Lyndsey as she sat in a salon having her nails done. As she watched them apply a new product to her toenails in a matter of minutes, she thought that women could easily do the same in their own homes for a fraction of the cost. Lyndsey showed her sisters what looked like stickers, and with some research, they created a product to sell at a local women’s expo. They expected to make a few hundred dollars, but when their take was $4,000, they filled orders and prepared for the next event. At a Christmas fair, they doubled the amount they made. The company has grown to over 20,000 distributors and more than 50 employees—with an income much more than the $400 each they originally hoped to bring in each month. The company also sells professional nail lacquers and gel enamels and other accessories.

Lyndsey was born and raised in Utah. She was a massage therapist prior to her involvement with Jamberry Nails. She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.