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 Mormon Church Ward Sacrament Meeting
The primary family Sunday worship service is called sacrament meeting. This meeting is held in chapels on Sunday and lasts approximately 70 minutes. Visitors are welcome to attend. It is common for families to attend with their children.

A typical meeting

  • Hymns: Religious songs sung by the congregation (hymn books are provided).
  • Prayers: Offered by local Church members.
  • Partaking of the sacrament (communion): The sacrament consists of prepared bread and water, which is blessed and passed to members of the congregation by priesthood holders .
  • Speakers: Typically a meeting will have two or three assigned speakers.

A plate is not passed to request donations as part of the worship services. The congregation does not participate in recitations, and approval is offered at the end of a talk with a simple, "Amen."

Other Sunday Meetings

  • Sunday School classes are offered for each age-group, beginning with 12 year olds.
  • Primary meetings consist of a group service and age-oriented classes for children 3 through 11 years of age.
  • A nursery is available for young children, ages 18 months to 3 years.
  • Young Women meetings provide classes for those 12 through 17 years of age.
  • Relief Society meeting is for women, ages 18 years and older.
  • Priesthood meetings provide age-oriented classes for males 12 years and older.

Mormon worship services last a total of three hours in locations where there are wards and stakes. In some locations, there are very small groups of Latter-day Saints, and the meeting time in these places may be shortened.

Appropriate Dress

Those who attend will most likely be wearing their “Sunday best,” which may include suits, sport coats, and ties for the men and modest dresses or skirts for the women. Children also typically dress up for Sunday. Young priesthood holders who pass the sacrament are required to wear white dress shirts and neckties.

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