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Jesus Christ mormon
Feel free to use the articles referenced on this page, as desired. When you use content from MormonWiki.com, you agree to abide by our licensing policy.

There are also articles under development (meaning that they need to be written or edited extensively).

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Editable Articles

The following articles have already been written, but may need some editing. Feel free to edit them, as desired, and to use them as you create your own Web sites. When you move an article to your own Web site, it would be best if you don't use the article exactly as shown here. Instead, make some minor changes to it so that it reflects your own voice and approach, and so that it is more appropriate for your site's readership.

Basic Beliefs

  1. Baptism by Immersion
  2. Mormon baptism
  1. Caffeine

Church History

  1. New York Period
  2. Ohio Period
  3. Missouri Period
  4. Nauvoo and the Martyrdom
  5. Westward Migration
  6. Utah War
  7. Post-Civil War Persecution
  8. Stability and Growth
  9. International Growth
  10. Contemporary Developments

Church Leadership and Callings

Church Leaders Past and Present

Church Structure

  1. Brigham Young University
  2. LDS Business College
  3. Seminary
  1. Ensign Magazine
  2. Liahona Magazine
  3. New Era Magazine
  4. Friend Magazine
  1. Family History Library
  2. Family Search
  1. Church Welfare Program
  2. Debt Reduction
    1. Overcoming Debt
  3. Employment Programs
  4. LDS Family Services
  5. LDS Welfare Cannery
  1. LDS Sermons
  2. Mutual
  3. Nursery
  4. Primary
  5. Relief Society
  6. Sabbath
  7. Sunday School
  1. Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  2. Music and the Spoken Word
  1. Conference Center


Gender and Cultural Issues

General Topics


Missionary Work



  1. Joseph Smith
  2. Brigham Young
  3. John Taylor
  4. Wilford Woodruff
  5. Lorenzo Snow
  6. Joseph F. Smith
  7. Heber J. Grant
  8. George Albert Smith
  9. David O. McKay
  10. Joseph Fielding Smith
  11. Harold B. Lee
  12. Spencer W. Kimball
  13. Ezra Taft Benson
  14. Howard W. Hunter
  15. Gordon B. Hinckley



Topics from Scriptures

Women in Mormonism

Youth and Children

Personal Experiences and Testimonies

The following articles are available for use, but should not be changed from what is shown here. If you have your own personal experiences that you would like to share with others, please contact Giuseppe Martinengo ([email protected]) for additional information.

General Conference talks

These talks cannot be reproduced without permission