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Mormon TV
A Scene from the BYU-TV documentary, Fires of Faith

BYUtv is the television station that is broadcast from Brigham Young University. Broadcasting began in the year 2000. In 2011, BYUtv, ensconced in a new state-of-the-art building at BYU, expanded its reach and content. [1] BYUtv has extended its reach to 60 million homes in the first decade of its existence. [2] In fall of 2010 BYUtv hired Scott Swofford as BYU Broadcasting's creative director and a man with a revolutionary vision for BYUtv, as the station expands into uplifting programming that is not necessarily Mormon in content. The network's motto is "See the Good."

During four and a half years as director of media for the Missionary Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Swofford's most tangible accomplishment was devising and launching the "I'm a Mormon" ad campaign.

Ten new series were launched in fall 2011, including American Ride — a tour of U.S. historical sites hosted by macho motorcyclist Stan Ellsworth. A multi-part documentary film called Fires of Faith portrayed the coming forth of the King James Version of the Holy Bible and has been nationally recognized. Another series called Turning Point is a collection of inspirational stories about people who made one pivotal decision that changed their life in a positive way.

BYUtv has also launched The Story Trek, hosted by Todd Hansen, a former reporter at Salt Lake City Fox affiliate KSTU. In the show, the newsman goes to off-the-beaten-track locales, has someone pick a direction and a distance for him to travel, and then knocks on doors of ordinary Americans until he finds someone who is willing to tell their (often remarkable) story. Dining With the Dean is a gourmet cooking competition that pits college organizations against one another in a cook-off , with prize money going to charity.

An October 2011 article in MultiChannel News recognized the strides made by BYUtv. [3] The article was titled "A Long Way from Preach and Teach."

"While the network still offers some programming that focuses strongly on the Mormon faith, like a devotional service and performances from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on weekends, much of the new programming is focused on common bonds of faith and family that resonate with people of all religions."

BYUtv has also enhanced its sports coverage.

Ten Shows for Prime Time, 2011

  • BYUtv's fall lineup of original programming:
  • "Turning Point," series premiere
  • "American Ride," series premiere
  • "Dining with the Dean," series premiere
  • "Legends," series premiere
  • "StarBiz," series premiere
  • "Insight," new season
  • "Chef Brad," new season
  • "Food Nanny," new season
  • "Generations Project," new season
  • "Story Trek," new season
  • "Fires of Faith," special