Shule, son of Kib

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The Book of Mormon
Shule is a character briefly mentioned in the Book of Mormon. Shule is the younger brother of Corihor who overthrew the kingdom of their father Kib and reigned in his stead. After being overthrown, Kib was held in captivity, where Shule was born and raised, likely in the land of Moron. While in captivity, Shule raised up an army and created arms and steel molten out of the Hill Ephraim. His army then overthrew Corihor in the land of Nehor and restored his father to the throne. His father then granted the kingdom to Shule to rule in his stead. Corihor's sons, Noah and Cohor rebelled against Shule and their father, eventually capturing the land of their first inheritance. Then, in a later battle, Shule himself was captured. As he was about to be put to death, but his sons were able to break into the house of Noah, slay him, and get their father. Noah's son, Cohor took control of Noah's kingdom and attacked Shule's kingdom; Cohor's army was defeated and Cohor himself was slain. Shule once again became leader over all the Jaredites. Shule spent the later part of his life bringing his people to repentance. He gave power to the prophets so they could go wheresoever they would (and he caused judgment to be executed against all those who reviled against the prophets); by this means the people were brought unto repentence, "and there were no more wars in the days of Shule".[1] Towards the end of his life, he conferred the kingdom on Omer, his son.[2]

Shule is also noted in the genealogy of Ether listed in the first chapter of the Book of Ether as being the father of Omer and the son of Kib.[3]