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Articles Written

  1. Angel Moroni
  2. Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial Kingdoms
  3. Choosing a Prophet
  4. Cumorah
  5. Mormon meetings segment
  6. Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  7. Ordinances
  8. Overcoming Debt
  9. Priesthood
  10. Relief Society Original
  11. Wentworth letter
  12. Rewritten all Temple Articles
  13. Chronological List of Temples
  14. Geographical List of Temples
  15. Dispensation
  16. Old Testament
  17. Mormon Idioms

Articles in Progress

  1. Beliefs of Mormonism
  2. Church Organization*
  3. Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible
  4. Titles of Jesus Christ
  5. Titles in the Church
  6. Priesthood Blessings
  7. Russell M. Nelson
  8. Hyrum Smith[1]
  9. Famous Mormons
  10. Sabbath Oxen in the Mire
  11. GWilliams to Add
  12. Places Subdivision on Articles Page
  13. Stick of Ephraim
  14. King James Version
  15. Mormon Temples
  16. Mormon Holidays


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  2. Watch: LDS Philanthropies, Recent Changes, Stubs
  3. Dead Ends:
  4. Categories: Current Church Leaders, Past Church Leaders, Etc.
  5. Combine Duplicate Articles
    1. Mormon books, Scriptures, LDS Scriptures
    2. Baptism, Baptism by Immersion
  6. MormonWiki Articles
  7. My Temple Page
  8. Research Use of Templates - so we don't keep duplicating the same text over and over
  9. Read Categorization - to get a much better handle when (and when not) to use categories correctly and efficiently

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