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The Ciudad Juárez Mexico Temple is the 71st operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Ciudad Juárez Mexico Temple


The Ciudad Juárez Temple spans borders and unites members of the Church of Jesus Christ. “This is an historic day for our community,” said El Paso Texas Stake president William Scott Johns. “But when I speak of community, I am not speaking of the cities that have borders and restrictions; I am speaking of the community of the Latter-day Saints.” [1] At its dedication, the Latter-day Saint temple served about 12,000 members in Texas and Mexico and will unite the members in the area together in a common purpose.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, which 1,700 members attended, Elder Eran A. Call of the Seventy reminded members that the location for the temple was inspired and selected by the prophet of the Church. Elder Call reminded members that the temple would be complete in about a year and said, "We want to be prepared and attend the temple, not just to have the temple as a monument." [2]

President Gordon B. Hinckley dedicated the Ciudad Juárez Temple on 26-27 February 2000. During the dedicatory prayer he asked God to bless the temple saying,

May it be a house of peace where those who serve may lay aside the cares of the world. May it be a house of love where those who labor may realize that the ordinances here administered, for both the living and the dead, assist in bringing to pass the great provisions of the Atonement of Thy Son. May it be a house of worship where Thy sons and daughters can commune with Thee. [3]

Octavio Seanez Flores, then president of the Ciudad Juárez La Cuesta Stake, summed it up best: “This land has a destiny, and that destiny is to have a house of the Lord where we can do His work and our work to gain salvation.” [4]

The Ciudad Juárez México Temple has a total floor area of 10,700 square feet, two ordinance rooms, and two sealing rooms. It is the second temple built in Chihuahua.


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