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The Veracruz Mexico Temple is the 93rd operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Mormon Temple Veracruz Mexico

The Mormon Church announced on April 14, 1999 that it would be building a temple in Veracruz Mexico. The Veracruz temple is one of twelve Mormon temples in Mexico. Previously, local members had to make sacrifices in order to travel to the Mesa Arizona Temple.

The Mormon Church is very strong in Veracruz, even though it is young. The first Mormon missionaries didn't arrive in Veracruz until 1955. Maria Romero was the first person to join the Church in the area. She was so determined to be baptized that even though she was 87 years old she waded out into the Jamapa River. The first meetinghouse was built in 1961. At the dedication nearly 700 people were in attendance even though the meetinghouse would serve not quite 400. After the dedication of the meetinghouse the missionary work in the area grew rapidly.

A groundbreaking ceremony and site dedication for the Veracruz Mexico Temple were held on May 29, 1999. The ceremony and dedication were presided over by Carl B. Pratt, a member of the Seventy. Around 600 people attended the ceremony and dedication. The temple site is 3.39 acres, which includes a meetinghouse. The Mormon temple was open for tours to the public June 26th through July 1, 2000. More than 10,000 people toured the temple during this time.

Member of the First Presidency, Thomas S. Monson, dedicated the Veracruz temple on July 9, 2000. Four sessions were held and more than 5,000 members attended. During the dedicatory prayer, President Monson prayed, "bless this great nation of Mexico. Bless the officers of the government that they may be friendly to Thy people. We pray that Thy Saints may prosper in this good land, that they may be released from the shackles of poverty, that they may go forward with faith, with a crown of righteousness upon their heads, to do Thy will and build Thy kingdom." [1] The temple serves nine stakes, two districts, and two branches in the area.

The Veracruz Mexico Temple has a total of 10,700 square feet, two ordinance rooms, and two sealing rooms.


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