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The Guadalajara Mexico Temple is the 105th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Guadalajara Mexico Temple is one of twelve operating temples in Mexico. The first temple in Mexico City was dedicated in 1983. Since that time Mormon Church has grown considerably in Mexico. The Guadalajara temple, located in Mexico's second largest city, serves more than 60,000 members in southwestern Mexico.


Guadalajara Mexico Mormon Temple

During the groundbreaking ceremony Elder Eran A. Call of the Seventy remarked, "What a blessing it is that I was a mission president here just 29 years ago," he said. "We had four little branches [small congregations] here then. Now there are eight stakes [a group of congregations]. This is a great time to have a temple in Guadalajara." [1]

The new Mormon temple is small but completely functional. Church President Gordon B. Hinckley said, "Every ordinance which is given in the Salt Lake Temple, the largest in the Church, is also given in every other temple, including these smaller structures. The fact is that they are not so small. They are commodious, and they are beautiful. They represent the ultimate in our worship and the ultimate in blessings offered." [2]

It is part of President Hinckley's dream to build small temples because he realizes that the people, "need nearby temples—small, beautiful, serviceable temples." [3]

The dedication of the Guadalajara temple filled church members with joy and about 6,500 members attended the temple dedication. President Hinckley dedicated the Guadalajara temple on 29 April 2001. During the dedication prayer President Hinckley blessed the country, leaders, and people of Mexico saying, “We thank Thee for the progress of Thy work in this great nation of Mexico. Move it forward, dear Father. Touch the lives and hearts of great numbers of people who will hearken to the message of truth and come into the fold of Christ. Bring about the miracle of conversion among the great and good people of this land. May those who govern look upon Thy people with respect and with a desire to be helpful. Wilt Thou bless them and the nation for their friendliness to Thy work." [4]

The Guadalajara Mexico Temple has a total of 10,700 square feet, two ordinance rooms, and two sealing rooms.


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